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Before you hire a DJ for your wedding, I really think you need to like him or her… as a person. You hire a photographer based on their photos. You hire your caterer because you like the food. Your DJ basically provides the personality and sets the tone of your wedding reception. You should definitely be comfortable and confident in your DJ. You need to find someone you like… someone who is easy to talk to, easy to work with: someone who you can work with to create the wedding reception of your dreams.


I was born & raised in Simi Valley, California. In high school, I explored many creative ventures, serving as Historian of the Drama Club, President of the Chamber Choir, and Drum Major of the marching band. In college, while playing trumpet in the Guys & Dolls orchestra pit, I realized how much I wanted to be on stage. In the following years, I was accepted to UCLA's theater program and won five national gold medals in Oral Interpretation. In 2005, I was hired by the Walt Disney Company as an actor, emcee, and improvisational comedian. I continue to work with Disney as a professional performer to this day. Over the years, I have appeared in and written many film/TV projects, including comedy shorts, independent features, and network pilots. You can get to know me better through my other creative ventures at


In the summer of 2008, a college friend asked me to DJ her wedding. We had done shows together and she loved my personality, my voice, and my improvisational skills. Her wedding was a blast, and throughout the evening, many guests approached me for business cards. That's when it dawned on me... This is the coolest job ever!

Six years later, I've DJ'd over a hundred weddings. 2014 has been a huge year for me, and 2015 is already booking up!

"Will we have a contract?"

Absolutely. First, we'll meet (in person, via webcam, or a simple phone call). If you decide I'm the right fit for your event, I will give/send you a contract. I require a $200 deposit to lock the date in my calendar. Once the contract and deposit are complete, I will provide you with my "FDJ Music & Timeline Planning Guide".

"What kind of music do you play?"

Whatever you want! (Remember my #1 goal?) My planning guide will help you make specific musical selections for your event. It will also provide me with detailed insight to your musical tastes. We will work together to ensure that the music you want is the music you hear. My music collection is extensive… and if you want something I'll be sure to get it!

"Do you make all the announcements and stuff, too?"

Yes. I majored in theater. I work as an improvisational actor & event host for Disney. I've literally been a professional emcee for ten years. I'm comfortable on the microphone.

"How would you describe your style?"

I'd call myself a "Classy Minimalist". I've attended weddings where the DJ obviously thought they were the star of the show… constantly on the mic and being really annoying. That's not me. I make announcements as needed, introduce the proper people and events, but I firmly believe that the Bride and Groom should be the center of attention. I'll also be the first to tell you that I am not a "Club DJ"... I don't produce my own mixes and do gigs in Hollywood. But I am great at reading crowds and catering the dance music to get and keep your guests dancing.

"Will you be the actual D.J. for my wedding?"

YES. Of course. It's sad, but true. Some DJ companies do a bait & switch with personnel, and the DJ that shows up at your wedding might not be the one you met when you signed your contract. I don't work for a bigger DJ/entertainment company. I work for you. When you hire me, you can be confident that I will be the DJ for your event.

"Do you have lighting?"

Since I don't work for a bigger company (and work alone), I bring a very basic lighting rig - a single stand of colored LED lights that blink and spin to the music. Nothing crazy - no fog machines or lasers, but in my opinion, it's plenty! However, if you have specific lighting needs (e.g. stenciled monograms or uplighting), you'll need to hire a lighting vendor.

"Do you have insurance?"

Yes. I carry a one million dollar general liability policy for wedding vendors. If your venue requires a higher policy, my insurance agent can work with us to get a temporary rate-adjustment for your event.